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Not all recipes are winners

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I started the day eager to try a new breakfast of chia porridge that was in one of the ebooks I purchased from Russell James. I had the necessary ingredients soaking overnight and started blending them together. I even made home-made almond milk! I threw in some blueberries and sliced up a banana and was ready to dig in. I was sadly disappointed in the taste. Knowing it was healthy, I ate half of it before pawning it off on my husband. While it did seem to give me lots of energy during the day, my stomach was a bit upset from it until I ate lunch (which was sushi….I LOVE sushi!).

In the afternoon, I made a raw food lasagne that Russell posted on his blog. His photo made it look really delicious. I spent a fortune on the ingredients…nuts, especially macadamia, are very expensive when you need several cups of them. Sun-dried tomatoes aren’t cheap either.

I started soaking my nuts and sun-dried tomatoes first thing in the morning and I had bowls sitting everywhere. It took me over an hour to make the cheese, meat, sauce and pesto, each thing needing to be run through my Vita-Mix (a food processor would have worked better, but I don’t have one). Between the bowls, blender, measuring cups and spoons, and ingredients, my poor kitchen looked like William had been cooking (I love him dearly, but he makes quite the mess in the kitchen).

My first difficulty was making thing slices of the zucchini which would be the noodles. I don’t know why I didn’t think of using my mandolin until after they were sliced…sure would have made thinner slices. Layering each ingredient was the next challenge….everything wanted to slide off the sides.

The recipe said to chill for about an hour to set. When I checked on it 30 minutes later, the oil from the pesto had separated and pooled on the plate. My poor “lasagne” looked like it was swimming in olive oil! It no longer looked appetizing and I suspected that my husband would hate it. Time to order Indian delivery! I’ll post later about how the “lasagne” tasted…waiting for hubby to get home so we can try it together (at least we have a back-up plan for dinner).


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    June 29, 2011 at 10:16 am

    I tasted the “lasagne” this morning. While the taste wasn’t bad, it’s not something I’d go out of my way to eat….and definitely not something I want for dinner without anything else to eat (I don’t do well eating just cold foods).

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